Installing oTree on Windows

Important note

If you publish research done with oTree, you are required to cite this paper. (Citation: Chen, D.L., Schonger, M., Wickens, C., 2016. oTree - An open-source platform for laboratory, online and field experiments. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, vol 9: 88-97)

If the below steps don’t work for you, please email with details.

Step 1: Install Python

Download and install Python.

Check the box to add Python to PATH:


Step 2: Install oTree

Go to the folder where you want to store your oTree project. Then click the “File” menu and open PowerShell:


Enter this command at the prompt:

pip3 install -U otree

Next steps

If you will use oTree Studio (easiest option), go to Your department may have an existing subscription, so you should check with them (or they can get one at

Read: why you should use oTree Studio.

If you are experienced in Python and are comfortable with resolving programming errors on your own, you can use oTree with a text editor.