Basic Server Setup (Heroku)

Heroku is a commercial cloud hosting provider. If you are not experienced with web server administration, Heroku may be the simplest option for you.

The Heroku free plan is sufficient for small-scale testing of your app, but once you are ready to launch a study, you should upgrade to a paid server, which can handle more traffic. However, Heroku is quite inexpensive, because you only pay for the time you actually use it. If you run a study for only 1 day, you can turn off your dynos and addons, and then you only pay 1/30 of the monthly cost. Often this means you can run a study for just a few dollars.

Heroku setup

The recommended way to deploy to Heroku is to use oTree Hub, which automates your Heroku setup and allows you to deploy through a point-and-click interface. It’s free for public projects.

The previous instructions for deploying to oTree through the command line and git are here.